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I’d advise you not to read this

But clearly, I suck at giving advice (otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far). For this brave enough to continue, here’s the reason for this unusual blog post: a Twitter friend who shall remain nameless, opined that they have been growing restless with their life. Oh, they’re not thinking of trying a different life or anything crazy, just tired of the daily grind and wanting to reach out for their dreams.

For the record, I don’t consider myself qualified in this area to offer up much of an opinion. When it comes to many things computer or IT related then yes, I’m one of many experts in the field capable of offering up reliable opinions. The same applies with weightlifting, personal training, and nutrition. The problem is that there are many experts in such fields, and even among those of us who have proven results to back their claims up our opinions vary. So advice is just that, somebody else’s opinion. In some things it can be more useful than others (e.g. which TV is better vs. which sofa is more comfortable).

Now back to the Twitter dilemma. I was accused of being one of those people who is following my dreams. That made me smile and filled me with a touch of warm fuzziness (not the moldy kind either). Then I thought more about the things I do and I had to chuckle. Who dreams of working the equivalent of four jobs, going to grad school, maintaining a happy family, and training for an obsessive and demanding hobby that can easily lead to personal injury? Not me! I dream of being successful and able to relax a bit, so I work my ass off in the process of getting there. What is the definition of successful to me? Being relatively bill free with a stable and comfortable income, along with a similarly stable and comfortable home / family life. And doing all of that with a day job that does not intrude unnecessarily on the fragile tranquility of the rest of it. And to have laser vision.

Laser vision

Superman for a day

Okay, I made the last part up.

Seriously though, my books are slowly inching up every month in sales. Although at their present climb it may be a decade or more before I’m able to consider it a retirement income, let alone FU money. I’m constantly trying new things though, from launching other backlisted stories under a pen name (part of that experiment is not letting anyone know the identity of said pen name, so you won’t hear it from me) to trying to game the rankings system at Amazon a bit. As a matter of fact, for anybody still reading this if you want to help a brother out and use the social networking tool of your choice to post about Voidhawk, Wanted, and New Beginnings / Vitalis being a series written by yours truly, I’d be terribly grateful. Of course if it’s easier to just go and buy the books that’s a great substitute as well. Did I mention how useful reader reviews are on the Amazon page?

Okay, enough pandering from me, back to my troubled friend. They want a change, and seeing punks like me pushing for my dreams even with the heavy load I’ve got going on they think it might be possible, they just aren’t sure what it is to do or what they want. Changing careers or going after a new degree is no decision to take lightly. I’d considered continuing school myself after my MBA – and get this, for either something in the medical or pharmacology field. Yeah, crazy. I’m pretty sure I’m over that now.

My advice is to figure out what’s missing or wrong. I’ve gone through some overwhelming personal changes in my life and I’ve seen a few others do that as well (including my amazing wife). It’s definitely not an easy road, but with perseverance it can be very rewarding. The only thing that is certain is that 100% of ventures not attempted will fail. The tricky part, as I’ve discovered, is making sure that any new project is not undertaken at the expense of existing facets of life. Easier said than done, eh? That’s where communication comes in, as well as having a decent support network.

Lacking that, it’s time for more drastic changes. After all, who wants to be surrounded by people that don’t understand you or aren’t supporting of you?

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