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Fresh on the Shelves – Ice Princess!

Okay, it’s not on the shelves yet…a few more days, but I’ve got the finished draft of the cover art on hand and here’s a sneak peak of it!

Ice Princess, 2nd book in Wanted series, by Jason Halstead

Ice Princess, the second book in the Wanted series

Oh yeah, it’ll be on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Smashwords, Kobo, iBook, and anywhere else I can think to put it. Help a starving artist out and pick up your copy as soon as it’s available – a good day of sales can push it into one of Amazon’s top selling lists and that’ll help me save towards becoming eccentric in my old age!

By the way, the cover art is by A.J McLain, and every sale sends a little something his way too. Just think, for less than a cup of premium coffee you can help out two people AND be entertained longer than that cup of coffee would last you.

Okay, cheesy sales pitch over, pardon me for my excitement at seeing this book getting close to its release.

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