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What Makes a Bestseller?

Every morning I wake up and do my morning rituals. Those consist of normal routine items and then I head downstairs, where I prepare 3 – 4 meals for myself throughout the day (not including dinner). Then, like a good little addict, I go to my computer and load up that Amazon publishing page to check out how my books did overnight. Secretly I’m hoping for that thrill of a a few additional sales, versus the letdown of no activity at all. Lately that thrill has been there more and more often. I read in a blog somewhere that someone described it as not so different from sitting at a slot machine pulling a lever and hoping for a score.

Well this morning I was shocked to see my sales had jumped a bit. I beat my previous record (set last month) and still have nine days to go in this month. Giddy with that rush of endorphins, I took the extra time to look at every book page I’ve got, curious as to their rankings. I was impressed. Not floating on air, mind you, but impressed. Then I got to the last window and had to reboot my brain. One of my books had climbed onto one of Amazon’s top 100 lists. As I understand it (I double checked to be sure), that’s a bestselling list. One of my books, a bestseller!

The book is Voidhawk, a blend of fantasy and science fiction (space opera or space fantasy, really). Voidhawk is the first in a series. I’ve got three of them written thus far and many more to come. In my opinion, each book is better than the one before it, but that’s just because of the things I learn as a writer every step of the way. Voidhawk was my first book I ever published back in 2009, though I retained full rights to it.

The secret? Beats the hell out of me! I’m blogging and writing it down as I go but until I can see if this persists I’m not going to mislead anyone. It could be an algorithmic fluke on Amazon’s part, or random luck on mine. I’ll take either, of course! When the dust settles if it continues to rise you can be sure I’ll be analyzing the data and sharing it.

Until then, why not go check out Voidhawk and see why people like it enough to elevate it to the top 100 list? (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Voidhawk, book 1 in a science fiction / fantasy series by Jason

Voidhawk - the book that started it all

Update: Voidhawk spent a couple of hours on the bestseller list then dropped off. I’ve tasted it and it was damn good before it was snatched away. Success in something so personal is not a thing that can be cast aside or turned off.

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