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Am I Smarter than a Kindegartner?

This is a short but highly amusing story from just last night. I arrived home and was engulfed in the usual excited banter from young kids happy to see me. Surviving that, we soon moved on to dinner (whole wheat spaghetti, for those curious). During dinner my daughter, who’s five years old, asked if I knew something that one of her classmates had said in school that day. Also if I knew it was that classmates birthday.

Not to be outdone, I asked her if she knew about neutrino’s being measured at CERN during a three year study that showed them arriving 60 nanoseconds quicker than the speed of light allowed. She claimed that yes, she did know that, then went on to share some other bit of fascinating trivia with me. I felt like was having a Jerry Maguire moment.

My wife then trumped both of us by saying,”Hey Lexie, did you know Daddy’s only one millimeter away from wearing a pocket protector?”

I’m pretty sure my daughter confirmed that yes, she knew that too.

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