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The Slippery Road to Writing Success

Am I successful? Only in moderation. Every month I sell a few more books, which is showing a good trend. I’m years away from making it my primary vocation though. While that may be something I hope makes my co-workers rejoice, it only makes me work harder.

There are other barometers for success though. I’m being asked more and more often to do blog interviews, guest posts, and enter into book giveaways. As a case in point I was just interviewed by Heather Powers at Earth’s Book Nook. It was a little different than other interviews I’ve done, which made it fun for me because I could branch out a little more with my answers. She even asked which of my characters I identified the closest with. Rather than spoil the fun head on over to Earth’s Book Nook and read it yourself!

So more sales and more recognition are good things, right? Sure they are, but they’re not enough. Of course there’s a point where enough is enough and anything beyond that is icing on the cake, but I’ve got a long ways to go to get there. My mantra is to always push for more. More success at writing, more success in the gym, being a better husband and father, and everything else I can do. Sure, self-help related stuff makes some people uncomfortable, but I argue that those willing to seek change and improvement are the strongest people of all. Right up to the point where they start consulting with psychics and astrologists, that is.

As another tactic at trying to push for more success I’ve tweaked my prices on my Voidhawk series. The new revised pricing, good as of this very morning, has Voidhawk, Voidhawk The Elder Race and Voidhawk Redemption all priced at only $1.99! I can’t even buy a decent cup of coffee that cheap, let alone provide the hours of entertainment found in each book!

Voidhawk, book 1 in a science fiction / fantasy series by Jason

Voidhawk - the book that started it all

Voidhawk book 2, The Elder Race

Voidhawk - The Elder Race

Voidhawk - Redemption cover art, by A.J. McLain

Voidhawk Redemption

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