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The Sound of a Thousand Whispers

Wouldn’t it be neat if people with similar interests had an organized means of helping each other out? Or maybe ‘organized’ isn’t the right word, how about convenient? I’ve been tossing the idea around in my head for a few months now, wondering just what sort of administrative nightmare it would be to try and organize a group of people with similar interests or topics into helping one another out. The results, as always, were daunting.

Then today something happened that knocked my socks off. An opportunity fell into my lap that I viewed skeptically – after all, there’s no free lunch in the world. With suspicion in mind I checked it out. “It” is called Tribberr.com.

The way it works is that people with similar interests join groups called Tribes. Not so impressive yet, but just wait. The Tribberr site receives the RSS feed from your blog and makes it available to everyone in your various groups. These people then have the ability to see the blog and comment on it or go to it, or more effectively to tweet about it and raise the awareness to others who you may have otherwise not have known existed. That means this post, when it goes out, has the opportunity to reach close to 100,000 people, considering the Tribes I’ve become a member of.

And the cost of the service? Free. You just need an invite from an existing member. It looks pretty slick, but I’ve only just started using it today. As with anything I suspect the usefulness of it will be directly proportional to how much work I put into it. The beauty of it is there’s not much work that has to be done. Just logging in a couple of times a day to accept the otherwise automated tweets of people in my tribes.

So I say thank you to the people who created Tribber.com. You’ve saved me a ton of work and thought. Granted, you may have also prevented me from developing a product that would have made me a lot of money – but I’m okay with that. At least up until the point where you buy your first yacht, then I might get a little snarky.

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