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Hidden Agenda

There’s no conspiracy theory or ulterior motives attached to this, I just wanted to put down a rough agenda of what I’ve got planned in the writing world for 2012. With any luck it will build up some excitement for people interested in some or all of my various story lines. If nothing else, it will help to hold me accountable to make sure I get some work done!

Here’s the writing schedule:

Current project: Voidhawk, book 4. Status: 50% ish. Rough draft ETA: February. Story: Logan, Bekka, and Bailynn go off in search of helping Bekka to find herself and to figure out why she’s kind of a lousy sorceress. What they find along the way ends up making Bekka’s quest seem almost insignificant in comparison. There are undead, witches, faeries, and a dangerous encounter with a tribe of half men / half lions. And what kind of a story would it be if there weren’t some romance tossed in along the way? Imagine how complicated a love triangle between a priest, a woman confused about her sexuality, and another woman destined to wear the body of a teenage girl the rest of her life? Now if only I could figure out a title…

Dark Earth, book 2. Rough Draft ETA: March / April. Story: A witch has been sent, complete with a personal guard, to slip through the new Lord Baxter’s portal and open up a passage between worlds of her own. Along the way she will suffer culture shock and question not only the life she lives, but also the mission she’s on and whether it’s worth the price of betrayal. This will be a direct sequel to my original Dark Earth title.

Vitalis, book 5. Rough draft ETA: April / May. Story: Exploring the dynamic of the “tribe” that lives in Treetown on Vitalis, as well as how they must come together to deal with threats. I’m still working out the details. 🙂

Wanted, book 3. Rough draft ETA: May / June. Story: I’m working on a couple of possibilities. The characters from the first two books (Wanted and Ice Princess) will probably be present, but only in cameo or support roles.

Dark Earth, Lost Treasures. Rough draft ETA: June / July. Story: Lost treasures is going to open up a new series in my Dark Earth setting. I haven’t figured out exactly which “treasure” will be sought out in this book yet, but I plan to go after the mythological stories lost to time. Except in this setting they weren’t lost to time, they just didn’t exist anywhere other than Dark Earth. (Atlantis, The Fountain of Youth, the City of Gold, The Golden Fleece, etc..)

Vitalis, book 6. Rough draft ETA: August. Story: Depends on how book 5 goes, but I’ve got ideas-a-plenty.

Dark Earth, Black Widow. Rough Draft ETA: Sept / Oct. Story: This will be back in my “Lost Girls” sub-series. Katalina’s on the case of a new serial killer, one that seems to have a fondness for torturing and killing men. She couldn’t care less normally except this time the killer used a man’s wife and young daughter as instruments of torture. The thing that keeps getting in her way is that the man survived the attack and he’s out for vengeance in the bloodiest way possible. Katy has to decide if she’s willing to work with him or against. Oh, and did I mention the pressure she’s getting to visit her father in prison and try to make amends with him?

Dark Earth, Lost Treasures book 2. Rough Draft ETA: Nov / Dec. Story: More of the same as the first book, except a new mythical treasure and some new supporting characters to keep things lively.

And here’s the publishing schedule:


Traitor (already out!)

Vitalis – Parasites


Vitalis – Screamer


Wolfgirl (Dark earthThe Lost Girls, book 3)


Voidhawk, book 4




Dark Earth, book 2


Vitalis, book 5




Wanted, book 3


Dark Earth, Lost Treasures


Vitalis, book 6


Dark Earth, Black Widow

It’s going to be a busy year but I’m excited by it and hopefully so is everybody else! And now you know what’s coming down the pipe. Some of these books and the order they’re in are the direct result of feedback I’ve received from readers. Let that be a lesson – don’t be shy about contacting writers! We want to hear what your thoughts are. It excites us and helps give us direction sometimes.

To learn more about Jason Halstead, visit his website to learn about him, his books, sign up for his newsletter, or check out some free samples of his books at http://www.booksbyjason.com.

  1. January 12, 2012 at 21:08

    Looks like you are going to be one busy boy. Take care I love what you are doing.

    • January 12, 2012 at 21:53

      Thanks and yes, it’ll keep me busy but as I told my wife, that keeps me out of trouble!

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