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Another Reason it’s Good to be a Writer

Sometimes events in our lives make us introspective. We reflect on our lives and our beliefs, seeking comfort in the familiar and understanding for things that happen beyond our control. This can lead to contentment at times and anger at others. Psychologists call it stages of grieving. Philosophers call it meditation and understanding one’s self. I call it that thing we all do, no matter how much money we have or what our skin color or internal plumbing looks like. Being human binds us, for better or worse. I guess that makes it easier for the aliens bent on taking control of our world someday easier to stereotype us.

But until that day I can spend time fantasizing all sorts of thoughts about a variety of very touchy topics. Religion, politics, sexism, and Paula Dean trying to make a buck off her unhealthy lifestyle by endorsing a drug for diabetics. The thing is that I’m a writer, so I like to get my thoughts out there and to be heard. While spewing opinion laden sensitive topics may be cathartic, it can also piss off a lot of people. I greatly respect individuality and everybody’s right to believe what they want, so I don’t want to do that. Not to mention having people angry at me is going to stunt my writing career from a sales point of view!

So here’s where writing is cool. Rather than go on and on about a topic I can invest my thoughts and feelings into my characters in my books. As long as I don’t make the book in general preachy, it becomes a character trait (or quirk). I get it off my chest and my character becomes deeper and more interesting. Win-win.

And the situation that prompts such thoughts? Well, those will develop and unfold however they do. It’s been a long week but things are looking unexpectedly optimistic. Still, gor people like me who feel the need to try and take charge of their lives and be in control of what happens it’s difficult to watch things happen beyond our control. Recognizing that quirk is, I hope, the first step in dealing with it, but I still don’t have to like it. šŸ™‚

As for me, it’s still my every intention to be the exception to the rule that nobody gets out of life alive. For the rest of us, never settle for anything less than a happy life and be sure to share that with the people that matter – and even the people you don’t know. Maybe those people will make a difference someday too.

In hindsight I almost renamed this post, “It’s not a tumor!” I couldn’t think of a good way to convey it with an Austrian accent though. šŸ™‚

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  1. February 9, 2012 at 14:50

    So true! Getting thoughts off my chest is what keeps me sane, why writing is my air. Thanks for sharing!

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