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Triberr – Blog Reach Multiplier and how I use it

If you’re reading this, the odds are good that you stumbled across it thanks to Triberr. Triberr allows people with similar interests to get together and use Twitter to retweet each others blog postings. I’m a member of a couple of great groups and that really helps to get exposure out there. My blog has grown to perhaps four or five times the following of what it was before Triberr in the span of a a few months.

It’s not just that simple though. Each member of each Triberr group gets to choose whether they send out a tweet about a blog post or not. That, I find, is crucial. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t tweet about every blog that comes across my desk. More often than not I do, but that’s because the people I work with have similar interests.

I’m not being a prick, at least not intentionally, I’m trying to protect my own credibility with my Twitter followers and I’m hoping to prove to them that I value them. I often have conversations with people on Twitter, in fact, and at times I’ll scroll through the stream of tweets looking for something and someone new to talk to just because I want them to know I am interested and I do appreciate them. Thus I don’t necessarily send out a tweet about somebody’s blog on how to bake some gluten free blueberry muffins, but I will tweet on a blog about writing tips or a book review. I usually won’t tweet about diet and exercise tips because I find them gimmicky. I’ve spent years developing my own nutritional plans and exercise routines that work great but I don’t like people trying to make a buck off of such things. And then there’s the free iPad offers – nope, you’ll never get one of those outta me either. 🙂

So to my Triberr friends – if I don’t tweet about your blog it’s nothing personal, it’s just me trying to maintain my credibility with my Twitter clan. I’ve attracted them because we share interests and while a few of them might be interested in learning how to use dental floss to detail hubcabs, the majority are not. I do weigh each blog individually though – who it comes from is irrelevant as far as my determination to tweet it out or not.

To my Twitter followers – well what I just said applies to you guys and girls as well. And yes, even the occasional Twitter-bot (who else is going to post an avatar wearing a skimpy bikini and offering free stuff ?).

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  1. February 10, 2012 at 11:24

    I think this is a big thing on triberr right now. We all have our own reasons for tweeting or not tweeting, but I think I’m more lenient on content than frequency. True, most of mine are writers or readers, but I’m sure they like food too. Strangely, one of my tribe mates posted a recipe of some kind a few weeks ago and it got 30 hits from my tweet. That is amazing to me. However, when someone posts daily, I feel like I am promoting them instead of just supporting them, so I’m trying to limit from that angle.

  2. February 18, 2012 at 01:39

    Just joined triberr this past week. Starting to feel guilty sending posts to everyone every day to share as not all of them are that good. I do like posting daily though and it has become part of my routing. I also face the same quandary, what to tweet or not. If I can judge the quality as something I would read then I usually tweet it. I don’t like that some people share tumblr posts which have almost no content or context for readers.

    Found you in a search about triberr. Great insights.

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