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The Devil is in the Icebox

No, my refrigerator isn’t possessed. We have some strange electrical anomalies and occasionally creepy noises late at night in the house, but nothing ethereal or otherworldly going on. The title of the blog is a bit of word play on the title of the book I’m writing presently, Devil’s Icebox. But hey, since you’ve already read this far, why not keep going and see what I’m talking about?

When I came up with the idea of the sequel to Dark Earth I was excited both by what I had in mind and by the characters. I was also looking forward to the opportunities it set the stage for down the road (e.g. next book or possible spin-offs). Truth be told, I was almost more excited about what came next. But in order to get there, I had to write the book. So I set to it, tapping mostly into how I thought it should be written rather than how I felt it should be. Yes, there’s a difference.

I’m very happy to say that things have changed recently. Oh sure, there were touches of feeling throughout the early stages of the book, but I never had it completely overtake me. Well this week I’ve had numerous scenes unfold that wrote themselves, using me as little more than a rented mule with opposable thumbs for typing. In three days alone I’ve managed to write over 8,000 words. I’m expecting the rest of the week to give me at least another 5,000, and then this weekend I’ve slated some serious writing time to allow for at least another 10k. I don’t expect it to be finished, but I do hope to wrap it up in the very near future.

Oh, and here’s a teaser – the new Lord Baxter and his daughter, Jessica, made a surprise appearance last night. I didn’t expect them to show up in this book but they found a way in and they did so style. Turns out Eric has learned a lot and is turning into more than just a competent leader! And sweet, innocent Jessica, his daughter – she’s really coming into her own as a powerful witch but she’s still holding onto her innocence and morality. Did I mention Percy makes a cameo appearance as well? If you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, then it’s time you grabbed yourself a free copy of Dark Earth and found out!

But there’s a problem! Something happened last night that often happens in the best of books. The story acquired a life of its own. It wrestled control from me and decided it wanted to twist the events in a new direction. I fought back, fearful that it was going to screw up my plans down the road. Using a voice so seductive it scared me, the story assured me that everything would be all right.

There’s always a catch though. It looks like Devil’s Icebox is going to turn into two books now. I suppose this is a good thing in every way (more books to write, more books to read). It also will help me tie in another Dark Earth book I’ve already written and allow for groundwork to be laid out for yet another book I’ve been dying to write.

Now the bad news, while I may complete Devil’s Icebox in the very near future (and hopefully release it mid to late April after editing and cover art), I fear that the follow up book isn’t in my immediate plans. What comes next after this one is part 5 of my Vitalis series – and for those curious and possibly frustrated, yes, Squatter’s Rights (Vitalis part 5) will take place shortly after Screamer (Vitalis, part 4), and it will explore the people living on Vitalis, especially their unique relationships and experiences. After Squatter’s Rights comes the third book in my Wanted series. A lot of people are excited about this one, including me! I don’t have a specific plan for it yet but that’s not because my mind is blank, it’s because I have too man ideas for it and I’m not sure which one I want to go with. If you’re interest in starting this series check out Wanted, it’s free on Amazon.

So stay tuned my friends, I promise you I’ll get the new stuff out as quick as I can, but I won’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Oh, and stay tuned for part 2 of my blog-only story, Betrayal’s Hands, to be posted this weekend! To read part one click here.

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  1. Diana
    March 14, 2012 at 10:51

    I am so excited for all of this! Can’t wait to see where the book takes us! Yay!

    • March 14, 2012 at 11:14

      I had to dig deep and embrace my inner feminist to write some of it. It’s been a blast! Er, not being a feminist, per se, but…aw heck, just read it when it comes out.

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