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Fifteen Stars!

Regular readers of my blog know that I don’t recommend writers read the reviews written on their books, or if they do, to do so sparingly. Well, taking my own advice it’s been a while since I dared check for new reviews on my books. What I found surprised me…in a good way!

Wanted, my near future sci-fi book that’s free for the Kindle, wracked up 15 stars in only 3 reviews last week!  It got praise such as, “I enjoyed the whole book because the author really made these characters come to life for me.”, “This book was exciting and couldn’t lay it down for long before I picked it up again.”, and “I read this in 2 days, as I could not wait to see what happened next.” Talk about feeling all warm and fuzzy!

Wanted is the first book in a series, Ice Princess continues the story. I plan to start writing the third book in the series in the near future, hopefully by early May.

Wanted, book 1, by Jason Halstead

Wanted, post-apocalyptic science fiction by Jason Halstead

There was something else from last week in there too: The first review for Voidhawk – The Elder Race (also 5 stars). This one really excited me because the book’s been out there forever, sold hundreds of copies, and only know gotten it’s first review. Here’s a snippet of the review: “It combines 18th and 19th century technology and attitudes with, hell, I don’t know, 23rd century space travel? Nevertheless, the characters suck you in and you start to get into the relationships and all of a sudden you are buying into the whole deal.” Pretty cool, if I say so myself!

Here’s the Voidhawk books, in order, to date: Voidhawk, Voidhawk – The Elder Race, Voidhawk – Redemption, and Voidhawk – The White Lady (new release in March!)

Voidhawk, book 2, by Jason Halstead

Voidhawk - The Elder Race, on Amazon

To learn more about Jason Halstead, visit his website to learn about him, his books, sign up for his newsletter, or check out some free samples of his books at http://www.booksbyjason.com.

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