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The Art of Feeling

I read a blog post yesterday that really got my mind spinning. Sadly, I can’t remember where the post was or who the author was. Without meaning to I’d been doing all along what he recommended. Perhaps not as well as I could, but that’s called the learning process. The post was about conveying emotion in writing. His belief is that conveying emotions is what makes a best selling book.

Writers write to share ideas. Through our prose we offer ideas, scenarios, experiences, and more. It’s the emotion that makes readers talk about the books. It’s the feelings the book conveys to the reader that sucks them in and keeps them coming back for more. The tricky part is picking the right words to convey the moon the writer wants to set. When set upon by a group of unsavory thugs in a dead end alley it does the writer no good to describe the surroundings as warm and the lead thug as a confident looking man with an easy smile and a twinkle in his eye. That’s not even the right kind of creepy for a situation like that!

I have a history of immersing myself into my character(s) as I write. I’ve been known to earn a chuckle or a “What are you doing?” from my wife at times when writing. She’ll glance over at me and see the strange expressions on my face. It’s because I’m seeing the scene through my character’s point of view. The sun may be shining in the alley, but that one lonely cloud is rushing to block the light and steal the warmth. The sparkle in the lead thug’s eye combined with the knife in his hand to explain the upward curve of his lips.

I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but from my talks with others I think that we have a touch of masochism in us all. I don’t like pain by any stretch, but I’ve developed a morbid twist of optimism about it. When something horrible happens I can take a small measure of solace in knowing that I’ve experienced it, and that means I can write about it and share it. Yet more proof that you have to be a little bit ‘off’ to be a writer.

And 2012, I’m not happy to report, has offered up plenty of experiences for me to share thus far. I’m trying to come up with a way to turn some of those experiences into a medical thriller. If that’s not an example of trying to find a silver lining I don’t know what is!

Oh, and in other news I’m happy to report that my mind’s random wanderings this morning stumbled onto a great idea for my next Voidhawk book! This time involving Dexter, Jenna, Tasha, and Xander (among others). It’s still very much in the planning stages, but I’m excited at the possibilities.

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  1. April 4, 2012 at 13:51

    I’m definitely with you in the emotional camp, Jason. Glad you took the time to write down my thoughts πŸ™‚

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