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Science Fiction turned Real

There’s nothing more rewarding for me than when a story I’m writing does something completely unexpected. Oh sure, I’m the one writing it so I’m still coming up with the ideas and doing the writing, but some of the things that happen come out of left field. I’ve had this happen with several stories I’ve written, but most recently and most severely it’s happened with my Vitalis series.

I won’t share any spoilers, but I will say that I’ve started each story with an idea of what I want to happen. The way I write I don’t usually go into it with too much more than that. As I’m writing I’ll plot out some general thoughts of things I’d like to occur, but I don’t force them to happen. I follow the story as it unfolds, allowing the characters to speak to me and tell me where they’d like to go. With Vitalis it’s even worse – not only do the characters have ambitions and goals, but the world has a life of its own as well! And quite often the plans of Vitalis and the people trapped on it are at odds with one another.

The title of this article references that. It’s not about traveling light years through space to find a planet all set up for human life. Sure, that’ll probably come in time but that’s been predicted for hundreds if not thousands of years. Instead readers of my Vitalis books you’ll note how the world seems to have more and more of its own spirit or life to it. Given what’s been happening to me as I write them, it’s hard to argue the “reality” factor. If the placebo effect of many home remedies and supplements can offer real statistical benefits, then how can I argue there’s not a touch of reality in fiction as well?

So anyhow, Vitalis – Evolution has been out since the first of this month. I’m still planning on the next book being released on June 1st, Matriarch. The rough draft is finished, editing and cover art have commenced. Like Evolution, Matriarch surprised me several times along the way. Even some of my more devious scenes I had planned were manipulated by the voices. The end result, I have to say, left me stunned and impressed.

Unfortunately, Matriarch comes at a time allowing me a break from Vitalis. Not a long one, but I have other books that need to be written. Other characters that are demanding a chance to wrest control of my fingers away from me. I’m plugging away on the next Voidhawk book right now and it’s been a lot of fun so far. I love leaving a series then coming back to it after a while – it reminds me of how much I missed the friends I left behind. I suppose it’s not so different from reading the next book in a series in that respect – another chance to spend time with people who have become important to me. Sure, they’re fictional, but I try not to get hung up on details…

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  1. May 10, 2012 at 14:50

    I like giving characters the freedom to wander inside the world we create, being an observer makes you feel like documenting the adventure, and its the best way to create real characters, for that’s how good fantasy is written, by adding a little sense of reality.
    All the best with your series

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