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Insert Snazzy Headline Here

I pondered for quite some time on a topic for this blog post. I thought about trying to capitalize on current events in some way, but whether Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get a divorce or not has no bearing on me. Similarly, I have no opinion or interest in whether Anderson Cooper is publicly coming out. So that left me with a whole lot of nothing catchy to use as Twitter-bait. Instead I decided to let the readers create their own subject. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

So what’s the purpose of this post? To share current events as they apply to me and anybody who’s interested in what those events may be. I’m referring to localized current events – for example after years of hearing about it and even sampling other people’s streams, I’ve never noticed or cared about Pandora. Until today. I fired it up since I don’t have my iTunes library loaded on my laptop and holy crap, this thing is awesome! I can now burrow away and work for hours without any awareness of the passing of time! How cool is that?

In other news, the edited copy of Voidhawk – Lost Soul hit my desk last night. I’ve been working on it and, so far, I’m four chapters through it. My editor, Lisa Shalek, rocks! She’s the kind of editor that wants a story to make sense and pushes me to add details where they’re needed (or eliminate them). She also slips in entertaining comments throughout that leave me greatly amused. It took a few books to thicken my skin but now that I’m there, I’ve also grown to the point where even the first drafts aren’t in need of as much work. Now I think she just enjoys poking me with sharp sticks for fun instead of because I deserve it.

Bound, a stand alone novel that happens to take place in my Dark Earth setting, has been sent to Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble. I’ll fire off another post when it’s ready – probably tomorrow, complete with links and cover art. It’s a great one, but it departs slightly from my typical style. This one is almost pure romance, and by romance I mean adult romance. Yeah, it could probably earn an NC-17 or maybe even a little higher rating for a few scenes that take place in it. I’m trying to broaden my offerings a little and reach out to more people that don’t realize they can enjoy different styles of books. Cross-genre is how I roll…

And here’s what a lot of people want to hear – I spent a lot of hours in the car over the weekend (driving to Michigan and back, not just because it’s fun to go sit in the car in my garage). All that time driving caused me to do a lot of thinking. Somehow, in spite of all that time I still don’t care that Anderson Cooper is gay. I did come up with a lot of great ideas to add into Black Widow, my current project (The Lost Girls series, book 4). I had some neat new ideas for a book I’ll be working with my wife on at some point (hopefully in the near to mid future) – that one will be a stand alone novel (action / adventure, thriller, romance, etc.). And last but far from least, I also stumbled across some great ideas for the next Vitalis book. And yes, I mean book, damn it. I’m planning on having this one is going to be the longest one yet, aside from the omnibus. Right now the working title is ‘Resurrection’.

So stay tuned, I’ll have release news for Bound very soon! And hopefully I can get Voidhawk – Lost Soul out in a week or two. Of course that means I have to work harder and faster on Black Widow, but that’s okay, I’m loving how this one is trying to write itself for me.

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