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The Ultimate Betrayal

Long time readers of this blog will remember the story I posted one chapter at a time called Betrayal’s Hands. I stopped posting a few weeks back because I got busy and because I was done to the very end and, to be honest, the end sucked more than the rest of it did. I had my suspicions, after trying to rework it as I read through it, but it wasn’t until I sought some outside assistance to be sure of it. The feedback agrees with my hunches: Betrayal’s Hands is going into the slush pile that shall never again see the light of day.

I apologize for anyone who was enjoying it in spite of the many flaws it contained. There is a decent story to be had in it, I believe, but rewriting it would be more work than writing something from scratch. Perhaps someday I’ll get around to it but I doubt it very much. I’ve got too many other projects that rank higher in my mind’s eye.

Speaking of those other projects, the current one is a new fantasy novel destined to become a series. It’s called Child of Fate (the first book), although something about the title doesn’t feel quite right to me. We’ll call that the working title for now until it’s too late for me to come up with something different. Anyhow, it’s a story about a farm boy turned mercenary, although right now he’s still far more farm boy than warrior. I’m on chapter 9 and around 120 pages into it. I’ve got a lot of plans for the first book so I might be a third of the way through – it promises to be a long one!

But wait, there’s more. I had an idea just this morning that came out of the blue. It involved Wanted and Ice Princess. A concept for a third book smacked me in the back of the head. I’m going to let it sit there and rattle around for a while to make sure it sticks, then who knows, perhaps Carl and Jessie have enough left in them for one more run through the meat grinder!

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