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Grabbing Fate by the Balls

I’m a huge proponent of free will. I believe that people have choices in life and they can make whatever they wish with those choices. However, those choices are limited by their environment. Meaning I believe I can do anything I want to do, provided I know what those ‘anythings’ exist. If I’m unaware of a profession or task then I can’t aspire to do it. This one of the cornerstones of the argument for or against free will.

Just as I feel that I choose my own destiny, I believe that my characters in my books are able to do so as well (even if they don’t think that way).
I’m writing about a guy right now who defines free will. Carl Waters, hero of Wanted, Ice Princess, and soon to be Bounty. He’s an aggressive son of gun who insists on living life his way and won’t put up with anyone telling him otherwise. In his cantankerous insistence on his personal liberties he somehow manages to go from being a rebel to an endearing role model.

But I’m not above using fate as a plot device either. Take my upcoming new release, Child of Fate as an example. The title itself implies some sort of prophetic storyline. Since I prefer avoiding such things I barely touch on anything like that, but I like to leave the reader wondering just who is the child of fate in this story?

Child of Fate is a coming of age story in a fantasy setting. You’ve read dozens or hundreds of them already, right? What makes this one different? Well the main character(s) start out reasonably young and while we all know there’s not too much innocence left for 16 and 17 year olds in the industrialized world, the story is told from their perspective. In spite of that, there’s moral dilemmas, death, and a whole lot of traditional sword and sorcery style of excitement. That, to me, is what has been missing from a lot of books lately. We all want to see an underdog triumph against overwhelming odds, but everyone is so focused on spinning some outlandish new paradigm that we’ve lost sight of how much fun an honest-to-goodness melee against a horde of goblins and trolls can be!

Of course there’s more to it than mindless hack and slash. Much more. There’s the intrigue being developed by an powerful evil overlord, there’s the troubling questions posed by young romance, there’s the question of how will the child of fate play a role in the future of the embroiled nations, and what about the influence of powerful magic on people unprepared to deal with using it? Gah, it almost sounds like Harry Potter! Well rest assured, there is no dark lord who must not be named, nor are there any stuff old professors who look like they should reek of moth balls and cigarette smoke. What Child of Fate does have is the beginning of a fantastic new series that will follow the characters as they evolve and mature. They have adventures to undertake and obstacles to overcome, many of them personal as well as plot-based.

Oh, Child of Fate also has a swamp troll that is very near and dear to my heart. I plan on giving him recurring cameo appearances throughout the series that will insure hilarity. In fact, Thork (da troll), may very well generate a spin off collection of short stories at some point. Trust me, you can’t help but love the scary, smelly, and green guy!

Child of Fate should be out in November. Bounty, the end of the Wanted trilogy, should be out in December.

To learn more about Jason Halstead, visit his website to learn about him, his books, sign up for his newsletter, or check out some free samples of his books at http://www.booksbyjason.com.

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