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The 25th Hour

Several years ago, before I had children, it became obvious to me that if I wanted to achieve my corporate ambitions I needed to go back to school and get a degree. As it was I was setting on about six credits I’d picked up nine years previously. So I did, simple as that. Over the next three and a half years I obtained an associates and a bachelors degree. I was working full time and going to school more than full time during all of this. It was early into this experience that I learned there weren’t enough hours in the day the way I was doing things.

These days a lot of people are shocked at all the things I do. I’m often asked if I sleep. The truth is, probably not as much as I should. But even with that, what I learned through trial and error is that there are enough hours in the day, so long as you learn to prioritize things. Now to be fair, prioritizing may mean getting to something tomorrow instead of today, but as long as no feathers are ruffled, that’s okay. A good example would be my schooling. I busted my tail getting those undergrad degrees out of the way, but when it came time to go after my MBA I slowed down. I finished that one in four or five years because it wasn’t as important. I’d go into more detail on that, but that’s another post in and of itself!

My wife and I had a couple of kids along that bumpy ride. As any parent will tell you, kids are giant time sinks. I’d hoped it would be less demanding once they got out of the crawling and falling down stage, but I’m learning that’s not the case. Children, like every other facet in life, are yet another priority to work into the mix. Now I understand why my bedtime was so much earlier than my parents when I was a kid! Happy hour has nothing to do with half priced drinks, it’s that precious time between when my children go to bed and when I go to bed!

Time management is a wonderful tool that has made worlds of difference to me. It’s how I can write a novel in a month as well as maintain a happy family life, day job, kids, and a demanding hobby that requires I pick up the heaviest weights I can wrap my fingers around. Prioritizing tasks makes all the difference and it helps you realize what’s really important in your life so you can achieve your goals. Oh sure, maybe some days the kids drop down the list and miss a meal or two, but they don’t seem to mind…

(For anybody who’s suddenly horrified and doesn’t get my sense of humor: I’m kidding about the skipping meals bit)


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