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Are We Being Screwed Over?

I’m in the midst of my first editorial pass on Bounty, the third book in the Wanted trilogy. After I finish this run it goes off to my content editor, Lisa Shalek, and from there to my proofreader, Faith Williams. But this post isn’t about editing, it’s about quality and publication.

I’m about 20% through the book and I came across one of the humorous references to modern culture sprinkled throughout the book. It got me thinking about Hollywood movies in general and in particular movies that have sucked. The first attempt at Batman movies, for example. Arguably terrible movies but what did Hollywood do? They redid them. The first Hulk movie was treated as though it never happened and then they made the much better one with Ed Norton. They’re remaking classics too, like Conan (the original is an epic classic and remaking it should have NEVER been attempted) and now Red Dawn (which I’m very suspicious of). Even Star Trek was redone, but as in most things in that universe it was well thought out and plausible – it allows for the original movies to still exist in their own storyline and to continue a new series.

Now all of these movies, originals and remakes, have made people money. Actors, directors, producers, studios, and even the grips, cameramen, gaffers, catering agencies, and other affiliated people made money on them. Good for them I say. But what about the money we spent and the trust we put into Hollywood to tell a story the right way? It’s almost like they could care about nothing more than money. The story and how it should be told are irrelevant. If it ends up sucking then as long as they made a few bucks it’s something they can redo in a couple of years and make a few more bucks.

Or maybe it’s our fault. We’re desperate for content so we pay the money and take what they give us. Not so different from politics – we’re desperate for people that can govern without sucking so we try to choose the lesser of evils amongst our choices, rather than figuring out how to get genuine candidates into positions that can make positive changes for all of us. It’s easy to point a finger as long as it’s not pointing back at ourselves.

The point is still quality. Put out a quality product the first time and move on to the next one instead of having to clean up the mess and reinvent the wheel. If I put out lousy books and then rewrote them why would anybody bother to read them the second time around? I’m a little guy without an advertising budget. For me quality matters not just because I want people to like my books but because I feel I owe it to my readers that I give them a decent product. I don’t get that feeling from a lot of movie studios anymore.

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