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I’ve been a fan of the Rocky franchise since I first became aware of it in my childhood days. Who hasn’t? It’s a classic underdog story with truly likeable characters – even Carl Weathers in spite of his arrogance. And yes, I even enjoyed Rocky V and I’ll admit it. Balboa, Rocky VI, continued this life and times of Rocky Balboa for me in continued excellence. As far as I’m concerned Silvester Stallone proved that he’s still got it and I don’t give a damn if he pops HGH and other chemicals to keep himself in performing shape. And yes, I enjoyed his final Rambo movie too, although I don’t understand his fascination with taking a bow and arrow up against assault rifles.

But this isn’t a movie review, this is far deeper and more personal. I mention the Balboa because in it Rocky makes a statement that I’ve long held true to, though I’d never heard it so succinctly spoken. In it Rocky tells his son (and later himself when he’s having the tar beaten out of him in the ring), “It don’t matter how hard you hit. What matters how hard you can be hit.” For those unfamiliar with the movie or story, it serves both as a reminder of how Rocky Balboa has succeeded in the ring and how he has succeeded in life. I think it rings true for everybody, and it served as a great reminder to me.

I’ve long had a determined goal to write full time. Well as of Friday morning that opportunity presented itself for me. Unfortunately, I’m not at the point yet where it is self-sustaining. Suffice to say over the past couple of years the situation finally reached a point where I was forced into parting ways with my day job. I’d love to dish out a lot more dirt on it, but that’s the red skinned devil on my shoulder talking and my professionalism will allow me to say no more of it.

What I will say is that I’ve been more or less actively looking for another primary income for several months now. My greatest frustration over this issue is that I wasn’t the one who originated the separation. I confess I laughed at one point during the meeting and smiled at many other points. My immediate reaction that one of incredible relief. I know, crazy. But the stress that lifted off of my shoulders was unbelievable!

So now I’m writing like crazy with my extra time, in between hunting for a new day job. Anybody looking for a DOTNET or SQL developer, SQL DBA, or IT Manager / Director feel free to give me a shout. I’ve got some very exciting prospects already lined up, one as soon as this coming week. Or feel free to make my real dream come true and go and buy up as many of my books as you can. Don’t hesitate to leave reviews heaping praise on them while you’re at it. I figure a couple of books that pull in 30 to 50 sales in a single day and a reasonable amount of reviews in the very near future after those sales should boost me up into some of Amazon’s algorithms to make things really take off. The problem, as always, is getting into those areas in the first place to achieve visibility. I personally recommend Child of Fate, the Vitalis Omnibus, or Voidhawk – The Elder Race (the first one is just titled Voidhawk and it’s free, but I don’t get any appreciable credit for that). Or if you’re up for something else, I’ve got lots to choose from, just check out the covers on the right and click on one to be taken to the Amazon page for it.

Or if the status quo continues don’t worry. I can take a punch, a knife, a concussion from slamming into a dumpster at a high speed, or a car hitting me. I come out stronger every time and this one will be no exception to that rule.

To learn more about Jason Halstead, visit his website to read about him, sign up for his newsletter, or check out some free samples of his books at http://www.booksbyjason.com.

  1. December 11, 2012 at 14:44

    You promised real and you deliver. Currently still finding my way via Kindle/Amazon and online bookselling. Had a traditional publisher but wasn’t selling books fast enough – I thought 70,000 for one title was pretty good. Not in this brave new world. So, at 65 I’ve made myself pretty well unemployable and unfit for any career but writing. I’m not making much money from books but I’ve lived long enough to start collecting pensions and, to my surprise, am happier now than I’ve ever been. I now have all the time I want to write.

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