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I Didn’t Fall Off the Wagon, I Broke It!

I’m a man who’s owned a lot of grills in his life. I consider myself pretty good at grilling, whether its burgers, brats, steaks, ribs, or more. I’ve even tried shoving a half full beer can up a chicken’s keister and grilling it – it was awesome. Who knew chickens liked it in the can?

Since I moved my family to Novi, Michigan, we’ve been treated to a variety of culinary delights. It makes sense, really. The crappy weather in Michigan leaves people with a lot of time on their hands. Between mowing lawns between rain storms, shoveling snow between early thaws, and ice fishing why not eat?

So my wife and I have been trying to find and try some different places to eat. First we found a new Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi restaurant that I can’t recommend highly enough. It’s called Genji’s and it’s just off I-96 on Novi rd (north of I-96). On par with the best sushi I’ve ever had and not a wallet buster. My wife will rant and rave about their Tiramisu until she runs out of breath too.

We’ve tried some more regular places like Buffalo Wild Wings in the West Oaks Mall and Hooters (same mall). Decent food there too, which surprised me when it came to Hooters. Probably not as much as the staff was surprised when me, my wife, and my two children rolled in during the mid-afternoon one day, but that’s called spontaneity.

Then on Saturday my wife asked me if I’d been craving anything that I hadn’t had in a while. I had not. We were tired after an overnight trip with the kids and just feeling kind of blah. I thought about it more and more though and realized I hadn’t had a steak in a while, at least not one that we cooked / grilled at home (through trial and error I’ve discovered that I make the best steaks for me). I was considering giving somebody a chance to impress me when my mind drifted to ribs.

I’ll be the first to admit that while I like ribs, I get frustrated at the mess and the work involved. Still, I was feeling adventurous so I asked if there were any places that had decent ribs in the area. We passed over the usual Applebees and Outback. Not bad places, we’ve just been there, done that. She consulted her smartphone and a moment later came up with one we’d seen but never really thought much about. Famous Dave’s. They had all sorts of stuff and, after she read off a few menu items to me, we decided to give it a shot. They had stuff to keep the kids happy and feed us.

Our timing was perfect, right between rushes. The 20 – 25 minute wait quoted to us turned out to be 30 seconds. It was awesome. We sat down and were waited on right away and, after browsing the menu we made the mistake of ordering kids meals for the kids and decided to share a feast between my wife and I. It says it will feed 2 – 3 people so we figured we’d be safe and maybe have something I could take to work for lunch. In almost no time the food came. Amazing service.

It turned out the kids wanted to eat from the giant platter more than their plates, so that was the mistake we made. My wife and I gorged ourselves on protein and left with a couple of containers full of leftovers and we had to waddle to the car. As soon as we got home it was time for comfy pants. You know what I’m talking about. And yes, I finished off the smorgasbord of meat Monday at lunch at work. It was gluttony at its finest!

Their chicken and ribs are great but I have to give an 11 out of 10 for their beef brisket. Absolutely outstanding. I will go back again. And again. And maybe a few more agains.

For those who don’t know me (most of you), I’m a big guy. Not pear-shaped-big, but I-pick-up-heavy-things-big. I’m 6’1″ and 235lbs, but I can pick up over 500 pounds and my chest is bigger than my belly. My wife is also very athletic and active and keeps herself in good shape. Gorging ourselves to the point of misery is out of character for us, but it was that good. I don’t recommend doing so for a variety of reasons, but I do recommend trying this place out if you never have. Unless you’re a vegetarian – in that case stay far, far away from the deliciousness that is smoked and barbecued meat.

Fueled by the wonderful proteins and amino acids I’m now ready to crank out a few thousand more words on my next book, Soulmates, the third book in my Dark Earth series.

To learn more about Jason Halstead, visit his website to read about him, sign up for his newsletter, or check out some free samples of his books at http://www.booksbyjason.com.

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