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Hobo Stew

I’ve got a lot of smaller thoughts that I thought I’d combine into a blog post, hence the title. Hopefully it’s tasty!

First of all, progress on my Vitalis book is coming along sorta great. I say sorta because I’ve been very busy and unable to squirrel away as much writing time as I want to. On the flip side, when I do get to write, the ideas and words are coming almost faster than I can write them down. In fact, I came up with some great new concepts for the current book that really blew me away. The problem is that might make it a longer book than I intended, but is that really a bad thing?

In a way, it could be. I roped myself into a second Complex book with a short deadline, so no matter what happens with Vitalis, I have to get my second Complex book done in short order. I have no idea what the title is yet, but I do know two major characters will be an Amazon and an Ogre.

Next topic is story telling. Back in December I saw a Facebook post from someone (I apologize for forgetting who posted it) sharing that Origin had a game available for free. Mass Effect 2. I’d always heard good things about the Mass Effect series but never had the time or interest to check it out. Since it was free (and  I guess it still is), I ended up downloading it and, a few days later, tried it out. I was sucked in almost instantly. The Mass Effect games are RPG and 3rd person shooter merged together – and the merge is really good. I don’t care for 3rd person games, but it was easy to overlook my bias and in no time it felt natural. The problem was, I ended up finishing the game. So that meant I had to grab Mass Effect 3, and yes, I ended up finishing that one too. Let me just say that ME2 was really good, but ME3 blew me away. The complexity of the characters in the entire series, but especially in the 3rd one, were outstanding. They told a story, complete with subplots that the player could easily identify with and hold to heart. It was, in my opinion, an interactive book with the reader playing the main character. When it ended I felt the same way a reader feels when they’ve finished a good book. What the hell am I supposed to do now?!

There is a new Mass Effect game coming out very soon, Mass Effect: Andromeda. I’m hopeful on this, but leery. It’s a new story unrelated to the original trilogy – or at least unrelated to the trilogies characters (and they’re in a new galaxy and some 600 years have passed). Everything about it sounds good, but I’m still hung up on the characters from the trilogy and really wanting more of them.

Medic, the fifth Wanted book, is so close to being ready to go out. As in days away, at this point. I’ll be sure to share as soon as it’s available!

That’s it for now. It’s election day and I’m hesitantly hopeful for things to come. Hopeful that President Trump is able to fulfill some of his campaign promises and hopeful that there are others he cannot bring to fruition. So far the economy has been rebounding nicely and things are going well for the country. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next. One way or another, we should be supportive and stand together. After all, nobody should want him to fail – that would be like wanting the captain of a plane to fail, with all of us being the passengers.


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