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Tough Girls Rock

Somebody is bound to take me to task for publicly stating my opinion, but that’s their right to do so, and I’ll defend their right to call me a prick to the death. The opinion in question, as my subject above so clearly states, is that strong female characters are amazing. I’ve written about several and been praised about their portrayals. I plan to keep on writing about them, including two who have just entered publication… but more on that in a moment.

I can’t really explain why I feel the way I do. Maybe it’s genetic or maybe I’m just a fanboy riding the same wave many others are. Whatever the case, I really enjoy exploring characters with almost dual natures. Warm, caring, compassionate at times and tough as nails and downright bitchy at others. It’s realism in fiction, really. I could tell stories I see day to day of those same examples I see in real life, but dealing with impatient drivers or looming business deadlines isn’t nearly as entertaining as fighting for one’s life or trying to rescue a loved one from a life of slavery and servitude.

As twisted as this is, I admit that I am out of touch with the modern man. Having a son growing up in our culture has helped a lot, but I still default to thinking of men as one-dimensional. Yes, that includes me. My role models were Buck Rogers, Steve Austin, Tom Magnum, and Clint Eastwood. I think that’s why I tend to focus more on female characters than males – I instinctively feel I have more range to work with and more growth potential.

With touch chicks as the focus here, I’m lucky one of them hasn’t kicked my butt. Amelia Foster, aka Bling, shared another adventure a couple of months ago and I forgot to post about it! Distractions from a very busy life this year and all that, but it’s still no excuse. My beta readers are crazy about her and can’t wait for the next book in the Lost Girls series to pick up after Bling 2.0 left off. Spoiler alert, the next one is probably going to be called Bling 3.0.



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In Bling 2.0 Amy has become a version of a made woman. She’s gotten in tight with the man who used to be out to kill her. That was just business though, nothing personal. Now that she’s in charge of the security and well being of his family, business and personal are bound to get mixed up. Very, very mixed up. Toss in a summer break spent vacationing on Dark Earth, the world that Amy was born on, and “mixed up” doesn’t do justice to the summer she’s about to have.

I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s romance and hookups— illicit and otherwise— as well as a glimpse into Amy’s past and discovery of a depth and complexity to Dark Earth previously unknown. The Lost Girls series continues to give me gifts as past books tie into current ones, proving that Katalina and her wonderful crew still have enough gas in the tank to come back for more.

And that’s only Bling 2.0! Just this weekend I released a new book that is pure sword and sorcery. It’s called Sacrifice and it takes place in my World of Kroth setting, not too long after The Goblin Queen. Officially I’m not calling it part of my Serpent’s War series, but I expect the characters in it to play a part in future books.

So why should you read that one? Well, it’s about another young girl with dreams of a future so very different from what she seems destined to endure. What she thinks is fate guiding her life turns out to be far from it, but that’s part of the journey she must take. You can take it too, if you read the book. I’ll include the blurb below.


Despairing of the hardship and toils of life along the northern tundra three clans of northerners set off for parts unknown to establish a new life. In the northern highlands set apart from the rest of Kroth they found the paradise they seek. Protected by mountains and a little known pass, they flourished and began to forget their ways.

Generations later their history told only in hushed stories around the hearth meant to scare children. They have new traditions now. New rituals, the most garish of which is sacrificing their daughters to the saints to keep their lands blessed and fruitful.

Into this dystopian paradise is born a farmer’s daughter, Tarja. She alone questions the rituals her people endure. She seeks answers to questions that no one dares to ask. She wants a different life for herself. The more she wants, the more she learns how steep the price behind it is. It is a cost she alone cannot bear.



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All the Rest


So what’s next? Well, I’m working with Dawn Michelle again to wrap up something fun she’s writing and tossing a few projects around. I’ve got a great idea for a new sci-fi setting I want to explore, but I’m also dying to get back to the Terminus setting John Davis and I worked on. Vitalis, Dark Universe, Voidhawk, and Kroth are all waiting for new books too… so many ideas and things to write— good thing I plan on writing at least a couple hundred more books (if not more).


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