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For Every Rule…

…there’s an exception. What goes up must come down unless it leaves orbit. I before E except after C. The only constants in life are death and taxes – okay, no exceptions there. But here’s a new one, artificial intelligence development is banned universally by all sentient species… unless you’re Nyx Bloom because she’s smart enough to get it right where everyone else has failed.

The Exception Clause is a new book I just released to Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and the other etail sites. Like all of my books, I’m quite excited about it. The difference is that this time around the excitement is really sticking with me even while I’m trying to work on other projects. It’s very futuristic science fiction and it is the beginning of a new series called The Bloom Chronicles.

Not only is humanity not alone in the universe, but they’re not very important either. A deep space probe in the year 2365 discovered a gravitational anomaly in the Oort cloud surrounding the sol system. Almost a hundred years later humanity figured out how to use artificial gravity to send a ship into the anomaly. Thus humanity discovered it’s first warp tunnel that connects the solar systems of the milky way and joined a much larger community. The Bloom Chronicles takes place in the early 32nd century and follows one young woman as she struggles to find a place for herself in the universe.

Nyx Bloom is bright, adventures, and blessed with the social skills of a skunk that ate a large dose of hallucinogens. Androids though… those are her thing. She can make them do anything, maybe even prove to the rest of the galaxy that the rules banning artificial intelligence don’t apply to her… even if she might need a little help getting there.

The Exception Clause tells begins Nyx’s story as a struggling independent salvage specialist on her near-derelict ship, the Rebexa. It’s just her, the Bex, and her devoted sexbot-upgraded-to-first-mate Zelda. Yes, I said sexbot. Zelda was top of the line when Nyx spent a year’s worth of savings on her, but not because she could keep her entertained on long, boring voyages. Zelda’s line of androids were remarkably upgradable, and that’s what Nyx has been doing to her. Improving her in every way to make her the partner she’d always yearned for, but was too afraid to find.

Nyx, like many gifted people, has a problem with obsession. Her obsession with making Zelda into a “real girl”, for example, means that she does a poor job of keeping up with her bills. With a bank account competing with empty space for the lowest number in the universe, she’s in desperate need of a big score to keep the repo man from taking the Rebexa from her.

What sort of a story would it be if Nyx didn’t manage to find something though? Something so advanced and ancient that finding it might be even more of a problem for her? Nyx isn’t the type of woman to turn her back to a challenge though, no matter what it takes to see her through. No matter what the risk to herself, her ship, her almost-lifelike friend, or the fate of every sentient species in the milky way. After all, she’s Nyx Bloom. She’s the exception to the rule.

Excited yet? Just writing that got me pumped up all over again about this new setting. I released this 2 months ago on my Patreon account and it’s been gobbled up. It’s a sci-fi / thriller feast. And I’ve been busy ever since too, with 3 more novelettes expanding the series and setting (on my Patreon site, if you’re interested). I’ll start up the next novel soon, but first I have to finish off my current book I’m working on…

The current book? Voidhawk: Church of the Void. Yes, Voidhawk! This will be the 10th and final book in the series. Or at least the final book focused on the Voidhawk and her crew. I won’t go into detail about it because this release is about The Exception Clause, but take comfort in knowing another Voidhawk book is coming.

I also want to mention that I haven’t sent out any newsletters in a few months, but I have been busy all along. There were three releases, in fact, I made. Enchanted, Warlock, and Wizard were books in my Thirst for Power series which takes place in the World of Kroth (same place as Blades of Leander, albeit many years later). Those books follow an enchanter who was reborn into the life of John, a virile young warlock, seduced by and serving the most powerful succubus Kroth has ever known. John’s Mistress is greedy and makes many demands of John to help her gain power and influence. John’s eager to serve, but every step of the way he struggles to balance his new demonic side with his human nature and the lessons his second-chance at life is teaching him. All in all, it’s a lot of fun and definitely a more “mature” series than I typically write (which is fun too).

That’s enough for now, I think! Enjoy The Exception Clause and keep an eye out for more. I’ll update as I produce them… but for quicker updates on my progress and the chance to more readily influence what I’m doing as well as having faster access to new releases, join my Patreon site.


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