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Celebrity Endorsement

Cover - Lost Girls Audio

We’ve all got our favorite actors, musicians, and celebrities. Hopefully yours aren’t Real Housewives or something similar, but hey, if that’s what you need to numb your brain after a hard day, so be it. Me, I prefer alcohol, it’s kills fewer brain cells.

But one of my favorite actresses isn’t nearly as famous as she deserves to be. She’s had co-starring roles in numerous TV episodes, including a few flavors of Law & Order on top of other popular shows. The name of this up and coming star? Kate Udall.

So where’s the endorsement? Well, it’s funny how this works. Bear with me and share in my amusement. You see Kate happens to enjoy my Lost Girls series. She’s enjoying them so much that she’s narrating them as audiobooks. The first one is already out and available on Amazon / Audible (see those blue underlines? That means click on them to check em out and pick up your own copy. Go ahead, I’ll wait for you). She’s hard at work on the second book and then there are a couple more after that.

But wait, there’s more. I happen to like Kate so much that I’m hoping she’ll sign on for a couple of other books I’ve got out there too. But don’t tell her, she doesn’t know any of that yet and I don’t want it going to her head. Or worse, her thinking I’m some creepy stalker guy trying to win her favor. For the record she knows I can be creepy, she’s read my books, just not that kind of creepy!

Now here’s the really cool part (yeah, I know, like the stuff I already mentioned wasn’t cool enough!). She sent me a concise and to the point email just today with text, “Dude. Check it out. Can we use this to sell more books?!”

What followed was a review of her reading another writer’s book. The review follows:

Stephen Kiernan
Read by Kate Udall, George Guidall, Jason Culp, Erik Bergmann

This mesmerizing book is well written and superbly narrated–a possible best audiobook of the year. Scientists are shocked to find a man frozen in a massive iceberg. The story is told from the perspective of the four major characters, with the flawless narrators alternating chapters. Massachusetts Judge Jeremiah Rice perished in a 1906 Arctic expedition and is eventually reanimated. Experiencing Boston through his eyes is deeply moving. Highlights include hearing Jeremiah’s 1900s vocabulary and perspective, and Dr. Kate Philo’s bittersweet romance with him. Portraying the doctor, narrator Kate Udall is astonishing as Kate acts as Jeremiah’s protector. Her delivery is deeply moving yet believable. When Udall portrays Jeremiah, his voice is deliberate and dignified, an approach that makes his quaint words sound perfectly in context. This splendid account is perfect for audio. S.G.B. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2013, Portland, Maine [Published: AUGUST 2013]

Now first let’s examine just how cool it is to be referred to in such a casual way. I almost felt like the Big Lebowski. After that read that review again. She’s got the talents to practically part water with only her voice. Imagine if she had a beard and a couple of stone tablets! Um, on second, though, nix the beard idea.

Anyhow, my response to her, on top of congratulating her, was to say, “I don’t know but you can bet your buns I’m going to try!” Celebrity buns, might I add. And who doesn’t like celebrity buns? Some celebrity’s got their buns in a couple of magazines every week at the grocery store.

So make Kate happy. Make me happy. Make yourself happy! Go check out these audiobooks that she’s done, but pay special attention to the ones listing me as the author. And maybe enjoy some buns while you’re at it.

I’ll even help the first two people that contact me and give you a promo code for a free copy of the audiobook. I was only given a very limited number though, so first come, first serve!

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Starting Over

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment

I emerged from my warm house this morning to find a blanket of heavy snow on the ground. I believe I may have said a bad word. Or five. I need new windshield wipers on my car and my windshield washer fluid is low. Oops, another bad word just slipped out. Yes, it’s November and yes, I live in northeastern Ohio. Suck it up, right?

Well not to worry, in spite of the inconvenience of cold hands and slow drivers, I remain positive. Very positive, in fact, because Willsin Rowe and I finished a great new cover for one of my books last night. The book is Dark Earth and it was supposed to be my attempt to enter the YA genre. It turns out I have a hard time telling a story from the perspective of a thirteen year old girl, so instead it launched my first foray into urban fantasy / paranormal.

Dark Earth follows Eric Baxter, a devoted single father who has not had the easiest life. His daughter, it turns out, is very special. So special that people want to kill her. It becomes Eric’s job to protect her, even if that puts the world as we know it in jeopardy. We all know the good of the many is supposed to outweigh the good of the few, but try telling that to a man who’s lost everything except his little girl.

In the process of keeping her safe Eric learns that part of what makes Jessica so special comes from him. He’s got a little something special inside him too, something that comes out when the moon is full.

Dark Earth also establishes my Dark Earth series. Already published in this series are The Lost Girls and Voices, with Traitor pending release in December of 2011 or possibly early in 2012.

Paranormal thriller Dark Earth

Dark Earth, by Jason Halstead


Amazon UK

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Reader / Writer Appreciation

September 13, 2011 Leave a comment

A couple of peculiar things happened to me recently. In the first I was contacted by someone who told me they bought not one of my books, but four of them! Okay, I’d love to say that’s not out of the ordinary at all, and someday I hope to. Even if that happens it’s not the point of the blog. Not only did this individual tell me that, but they went on to admit putting aside another book they’d written to try mine out (Wanted), and were sucked into it and loving it. Sleep, when it finally came, was considered an enemy to their desire to read.

Peculiar item 2 was when another individual contacted me to say they were halfway through my book and loving it more and more with each page (Wanted, again). I thanked them and shared that the sequel to Wanted will be out soon. They, in turn, were thankful for the head’s up. Thankfulness is a neat thing, but that’s not the moral to the story.

The thing that strikes me as odd is that these readers are contacting and sharing this with me in the first place, then in some instances act surprised when I respond to them. The feedback is great – it’s what keeps me and the other writer’s I know going. It’s reviewing, rating, and sharing with us that we know whether we’re doing a good job or not and also how we can improve. Technically a sale is feedback as well, and it helps put food on the table, but all a sale tells us is that we managed a successful sales pitch, not that the finished product was well done.

I can’t imagine a day, regardless of future success, were I can’t take the time to respond to somebody who goes out of their way to share with me. After all, if a person can work time in their busy schedule to send something to me, why shouldn’t I take the same time to do the same? So too all my readers, past, present, and future – I thank you and appreciate the time you take reading and enjoying my work!

Speaking of future success, I read an article recently where a writer considered himself mid-list and made a living at it. He indicated he had roughly 100 titles available. If that’s what it takes, then that’s what I’ll do. So far I’ve got 9 out with a 10th and 11th pending. Behind them I’ve got releases scheduled up through February of 2012 on a monthly basis. That takes me to 16. A bit shy of a 100 but I’ve got a lot of words left in me, not to mention a roadmap for several more Voidhawk and Dark Earth books!

Oh, and as much as I hate to admit it, I may even jump on the bandwagon and include some occasional vampire related stuff into one of my existing or future universes. They will not be sparkly and emo though, that I promise you!