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Biting the Apple

I came downstairs tonight from reading a bedtime story to my kids and was greeted by my wife’s surprise announcement, “Steve Jobs died!”

“Woah,” says I. Yeah, wordy, I know.

I was surprised, not that he died – he had an incurable cancer – but that it happened so abruptly. Jobs did a wonderful job of mastering the press, so I suppose it’s no surprise. Still, I honestly believe Steve Jobs was a modern legend and the world will be remembering him much the same way it does Henry Ford (brilliant, but frequently a real asshole).

I think it’s a damn shame that he’s gone. The guy was and is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere. I could be wrong, but I expect Apple to suffer greatly now that he’s gone. Out of respect for the brilliant tyrant that was Steve Jobs I won’t talk smack about his company. I will admit that I’m hoping the new Kindle Fire and Touch models rock even more because of this though!

And look, I’m not even turning this into a self-serving post by encouraging people to go buy my stuff. Even thought I suspect Steve Jobs, of all people, would approve of me trying to turn his news into a marketing tool. He was a crafty son of a gun, after all!