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Shame on Me

I’m overdue on a newsletter. Long overdue. Two books overdue, in fact… although I could argue it’s more than that.

I’ve been focused on my Patreon subscribers, you see, and both of these books have been available to them for quite a few months now. Matter of fact, there’s another book they have access to I haven’t published to retail channels yet – not to mention several Patreon only stories that are cheaper than waiting for the retail versions. If that interests you, please check it out at https://www.patreon.com/booksbyjason. If not, then read on to see my newest retail releases.

First off is Domination, which is the 2nd book in The Bling Chronicles. This one is a very futuristic science fiction series about an interstellar salvage tech struggling with her own ship and a list of things to fix a few light years long. In Domination she’s taken on a living, breathing 2nd mate (instead of the android she had in the first book) and together they run across a derelict ship broadcasting a distress signal. Of course they find something inside… but you’ll have to read the book to find out what it is and why it threatens everything Nyx has worked so hard to accomplish.


Amazon UK

All the rest

The second book, which I only released last week, is called Lost Girls Investigations. It’s more just a book though, it’s a collection of interlinked stories that I’ve written over the past year in the Lost Girls / Dark Earth setting. Skylar and Katalina’s adopted daughters have finally established their private investigation / law firm and they specialize on helping people struggling against the greedy and corrupt system. Amelia Foster,  Bling, is a key part of their business taking on contracts to do what needs to be done in the grey areas of the law. Along the way, Amy is figuring out who she is and what she wants out of life now that she can finally start living it for herself.


Amazon UK

All the rest

I teased some other books I haven’t released yet. One is Broken Dolls, which is a full novel sequel to Lost Girls Investigations and book 10 in my Lost Girls series. Another month or two and that will hit the digital shelves. The final one I just finished the rough draft on, it’s called The Egg of Immorality and it’s book 4 in my Thirst for Power fantasy series. That’s the one with John the half Infernal Warlock as the main character. You remember, the one you don’t want to leave out for your kids to read. The Egg of Immorality should be out in a few months on Amazon, B&N, and all the rest… or you could subscribe to Patreon and read both of these now, as well as everything else I’ve written.

To learn more about Jason Halstead, join his Patreon page, visit his website to read about him, or sign up for his newsletter.

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