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Why did I walk in here?

We’ve all had that moment where you walk into a room to find… something. Damn, I sure wish I knew what it was? Car keys? No. Cell phone? Nope. Sunglasses… yes! Now where.. oh, hanging from my shirt. Found ’em!

Yesterday was like that for me, except it wasn’t any of the above, it was a book I wrote back in 2022 and published on my Patreon. That’s a concern I have now – I’m still writing a crazy amount but it’s going to my Patreon first (or exclusively, in some cases). Then, a few months later I’ll publish it. Or in this case, close to a year later. Seriously, you should go there and join the crew to get all my new stuff a lot cheaper than you can get them on any other retailer.

The good news, I suppose, is there’s a new book coming out! Broken Mold, another book in my science fiction series, The Continuum. If you don’t remember that one then you should go and check out Terminus, book 1 in the setting. Or not – you can easily pick it up with Broken Mold since this new book has new characters and, other than the universe it’s set in, it does not connect to the first four in the series at all.

I refreshed my memory by rereading it before publishing it and I was very pleased with it. It’s a fun book with some great characters, twists, and… well.. don’t trust me on it, go and read it yourself! I will say that parts of the storyline and plot were inspired by the Mass Effect computer game series (the first 3, at least). Sadly, I did not include any cheesy Commander Shepherd references.

Here’s the blurb:

Petty Officer Scott Taylor woke up on the wrong side of the bed. So wrong he wasn’t even in his bed. He was in a three person emergency pod that was crash landing on a planet. A planet he knew next to nothing about, other than they did classified Continuum military research here. That and he’d chased down rumors that his sister was stationed here.

Fortunately for Scott, this wasn’t his first crash landing on an alien world. Unfortunately, he’d had his younger, but smarter and more mature sister to keep him from doing something stupid the first time. This time around surviving the crash, the hostile environment, and the local wildlife are the boxes he has to try and check on day 1. Day 2 has another list, but it includes not dying on it. Survival has never been so difficult, even for a veteran castaway.

At some point he’d really like to figure out why the Marine frigate he was on was destroyed in the first place. Even if the universe might not be ready for the answer to that question.


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Everybody Else

And in other news, perhaps as soon as next month (June, not May), I’ll have another book ready to release. This one a fantasy novel that picks up after the end of John’s five book series by seeing how Jennaca picks up the pieces and moves on.

To learn more about Jason Halstead, join his Patreon page, visit his website to read about him, or sign up for his newsletter.

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