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The Motor City of the Future

TLDR: Just in time for the holidays, Vitalis: Nest is available for purchase!

I haven’t released a Vitalis back since January of 2018. That’s almost two years! Shameful, I know. Especially since back in 2014 I cranked out 3 of them and prior to that there were many more. Fortunately today marks the end of that dry spell with the 12 novel in the series now being available.

Nest takes place at the same time as Reloaded does, but light years apart. In fact, Vitalis: Nest happens here on Earth, in the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan. The story here started ten years ago, after Earth was already infected with Vitalian crystals. Enough had fallen and gathered along the shores of Lake St. Clair to begin creating more of them. Many, many more. Enough to begin to establish another control node, but one that no one knew about.

Ten years later, and with the influence of an unlikely and very unbalanced individual, Detroit’s suddenly under siege. People are being butchered and kidnapped and the local Army base is hard pressed to do anything about it. There’s something about the attackers that’s familiar too. Something that suggests a secret that terrifies the Terran Coalition government all the way to the highest levels. Humanity thought they had ten years left before they were faced with an interstellar war they aren’t prepared for. With the help of the Nest under Detroit, the timetable has been moved up.

Before I give too much away, here’s the cover and links. More random but useful babbling below.


Vitalis – Nest_Small


Amazon UK

The Rest of the Internet

What else could I have to talk about? Lots, but I’ll limit this to Terminus. My next book, in fact, is the 4th in the Terminus series. I don’t have a name for it yet, but I have a whole lot of plans (and I’m almost a quarter of the way through writing the rough draft already). Terminus hasn’t gotten much action or love though, and that upsets me. It deserves it, and I’m not sure why the books don’t have more of a following. I think of the series as a cross between Firefly, Star Wars, and Star Trek. There are bad guys and there are almost-good guys. Yes, almost-good. The intro (Terminus – by me) and first two books (Ghost Planet, by John M. Davis, and Frozen Dreams, also by me) dealt with criminals escaping a prison labor camp on a deadly planet. When your main characters are escaped criminals, how good can they be?


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